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Sep 26, 2011 11:00am EDT
massachusetts governor mitt romney won in michigan by a wide margin. taking more than 50% of the vote. rick perry came in a distant second with just under 17% of the vote. but even more surprising, businessman herman kaine won in the florida straw poll with 37% of the vote. texas governor rick perry came in second with 15%. and this morning, on the "today" show, kaine said his victory was authentic and was not a protest against perry. >> message come out of that victory was simple. the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media. secondly, message is more powerful than money. rick perry and mitt romney, they both spent a considerable amount of money in order to try to influence that florida straw poll. i rented a bus and went all over the state talking to people, sharing my message. that's what made the difference. >> kaine mentioned he liked the saturday night skit that spoofed the gop debate. the former owner of a pizza business says he likes it so much he will use the slogan -- vote for me, i will deliver in the next debate. >>> there is a new push to get republican
Sep 12, 2011 11:00am EDT
of the season in the u.s. up along the canadian border. northern michigan could have their first first freeze of the season coming in on thursday morning. we'll have the cool air from that system in here on thursday with highs only in the mid 70s. then even cooler friday and saturday morning here. in fact, many locations in the rural areas and mountains may be in the 40s. the coolest morning of the early season so far, that will likely be on friday and again on saturday morning. afternoon highs, only in the 50s and 60s out of the mountains and locally closer to washington, highs only near 70 on friday and saturday. sunday into the mid 70s. so a nice feel as we end the week and head into the weekend. enjoy. >> what a gorgeous day we have to enjoy today. >> it is. it's great. >> beautiful. thanks a lot, tom. >>> it is now 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, they were the talk of the town. opening day uniform. now find out how you can own one of them. >>> and what to wear, we're talking about the latest trends for fall. but first, here's a look at [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2